Touba Khanum

Touba Khanum (1880 – 1959) married Mirza Mohsen Afnan (1853 – 1927). He was the son of Afnaneh Kabir, the brother-in-law of the Bab.

Touba Khanum was a dignified, well-read (Persian literature was an important part of her life, Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh always at her side), long-suffering lady who had to live through the pain of losing her husband, seeing her son Ruhi thrown out of the Cause, the death of her young (early twenties) son Fuad, in the London blitz, and upon the marriage of her daughter Soraya to Dr. Feizy Afnan, be the subject of one of the Guardian’s cables that declared the whole family as outcasts, including (posthumously) Fuad, who, until the last day of his short life, had been an active member of the Baha’i community in London. She suffered a nervous breakdown from which she never completely recovered and was a semi invalid for the rest of her life.

Mirza Mohsen, like the other three sons-in-law of the Master, was a business man who nevertheless was always ready to do whatever he was called upon to do in the service of the Cause, of which there was plenty.

They had three sons and one daughter: Ruhi, Soraya, Soheil, Fuad.